Starship Blazing Star

The party's ship, currently known as the Blazing Star. It is customary for the ship to be blessed with a new name when a new Rogue Trader assumes possession of it.


The Blazing Star, previously known as The Emperor’s Howling Spear, The Burning Retributor and Indomitus amongst many names.

The Blazing Star’s history began as a self-supporting and heavily armed vessel for deep space exploration. It quickly distinguished itself in battle and was soon re-purposed into a combat-focused role as it was revealed to possess superb craftsmanship and suitability for war.

It was eventually acquired by a Rogue Trader, who sought out the ship’s prestigious history of service to the Imperium as a way of bolstering his clout and ego. Unfortunately this arrangement did not last very long. This particular Rogue Trader was content to deal in the import and export of exotic goods until his career was ended when he and his crew were executed for heresy after opening fire upon civilian ships while in orbit around an Imperial planet. The crew denied having performed any such action, but it was undeniable that non-lethal but massively debilitating damage had been inflicted to eleven trader vessels within the spin of minutes.

The ship was then passed on from Rogue Trader to Rogue Trader and rumors began to surface that the ship’s Machine Spirit was seeking out war and bloodshed of its own volition. Even the Rogue Traders began to pay heed to these rumors and made sure to never let the ship go too long without seeing void combat.

It became an unspoken law for the Rogue Traders who successively owned the ship to never let the put it to “sleep”. Even when docked, the systems would be kept online and active at all times as they feared what the Machine Spirit might do upon awakening. Of course, none of the Rogue Traders would ever admit to believing in such foolish superstitions.

More recently, the Blazing Star was completely shut down except for life support modules during the transition between the recently-killed Rogue Trader and the new owners. It appears that some Mechanicus members took the opportunity to attempt to completely reset the Machine Spirit.

Starship Blazing Star

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