• Ex-Seneschal Erius Drumdam

    Ex-Seneschal Erius Drumdam

    Previously in the employ of Lord Cromwell. Was removed from his position due to his underhanded methods.
  • Ex-Third Officer Edwin Coramt (Dead)

    Ex-Third Officer Edwin Coramt (Dead)

    Third Officer aboard the Blazing Star. Attempted a takeover by order of Erius but was lynched when the Explorers turned popular opinion against him.
  • Rogue Trader Lord Gavin Cromwell (Dead)

    Rogue Trader Lord Gavin Cromwell (Dead)

    Previous owner of the Blazing Star. Murdered by ex-Seneschal Erius Drumdam.
  • Second Officer Alexia Marr

    Second Officer Alexia Marr

    Current Second Officer aboard the Blazing Star. Managed to contain the coup until the Explorers could be reached.
  • Starship Blazing Star

    Starship Blazing Star

    The party's ship, currently known as the Blazing Star. It is customary for the ship to be blessed with a new name when a new Rogue Trader assumes possession of it.